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DeMarcus Cousins’ 4th quarter benching shows how bad his pairing with Anthony Davis has been

Since the New Orleans Pelicans traded for DeMarcus Cousins during All-Star weekend, they’ve been better without him playing. They’re 3-6 since the trade, and one of those wins came with Cousins suspended due to excess technical fouls. Another came when he fouled out in just 31 minutes. The most recent happened on Saturday, when Cousins was benched down the stretch.

Michigan had a rough start to tournament week. Before the Wolverines played their first game of the 2017 Big Ten tournament, travel problems, scheduling issues, and even a uniform mix-up has complicated what should otherwise have been a routine trip to Washington, DC for the conference championship.

Since Michigan’s gone through a lengthy series of unfortunate events already this week, here’s a timeline of the Wolverines’ disaster of a Big Ten tournament trip.

In what would later prove to be ominous weather conditions, high winds across southeast Michigan on Wednesday caused a power outage at the Wolverines’ practice facilities in Ann Arbor, preventing the team from going through workouts in the lead up to their conference tournament appearance. But the team was far from the end of their wind-caused foul-ups for that day.

On Wednesday afternoon, as the team was on a Willow Run, Mich. runway set to take off, high winds as strong as 66 miles per hour blasted through southeastern Michigan, wiping out power to one million residents. The winds were so strong that they scuttled the team’s plane off the runway, forcing players and staff to leap from the exit door, sources told SB Nation.8

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