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Inconsistent quarterback play led to one of the wilder starts to an NFL week. Four defensive touchdowns occurred in early games, giving us a glimpse into how different Bing Cheap Jerseys players celebrate defensive success.

There seems to be two prevailing schools of thought on how a defensive touchdown should be handled. It’s a battle between the simplistic “arm in the air” celebration, and the more flashy (but Mike Tomlin detested) end zone flip.

Putting your arm in the air appeals to grizzled veterans who believe “acting like you’ve been there before” is the key to a good celebration. It tells the league that Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys your great play was no big deal, and that you could bust one of these whenever you want. It’s hard to know how this applies to Thomas DeCoud, who danced after his — maybe that addition pulls it out of the humble category.

Cutler appeared to injure his hip after being sacked in the second quarter of Sunday’s game. He left the field under his own power, but headed very gingerly into the locker room and seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Cutler is now the most sacked quarterback in Bears history. He was 3-of-8 for 38 yards and an interception before exiting the game. Considering this recent tweet from Jen Lada of CSN Chicago, things probably don’t look good for the quarterback right now:

Josh McCown, who has not been on an NFL field since 2011, has taken over under center. An 11-year pro, McCown is the only other active quarterback on the Bears’ sideline.

The Redskins defense has had a history of banging up opposing offensive players this season. They have knocked out Eddie Lacy, Darren McFadden, DeMarco Murray and now Cutler during 2013.

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