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Eli Manning says Brandon Marshall has been a ‘great leader’ for Giants

Counter to what former Jets teammate Sheldon Richardson thinks of Brandon Marshall, the receiver has the support of his new team.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning praised Manning on Monday, the same day Richardson again blasted Marshall for quitting on the Jets last season.

“Brandon’s been great,” Manning said of Marshall, who signed with the Giants as a free agent in March. “Every day trying to learn, always has questions for me and we’re trying to figure out what he can do better, how we can get on the same page. So I think he’s been dialed in and been a great leader and just setting the example for how to be prepared for every practice.”

The days’ events may seem unrelated, but they are. Here’s the NFL’s greatest current player — arguably its greatest player ever — saying that, at his age, we shouldn’t worry if he suffered a serious head injury.

Given that we all revere his unprecedented invincibility as an 18-year professional football veteran, Brady’s comments brings back all the old-school thoughts on the league staying too cool on concussions.

Heck, if it didn’t bother Brady or keep from him being the G.O.A.T. with another Super Bowl ring, why should we care in the end? Because regardless of the NFL trying to deflate him, Brady is still looked up to as the model that every player on every level emulates: someone who was that good (and healthy) for that long.

The Patriots are the least forthcoming when it comes to information on injuries, including their severity. Brady may have had absolutely nothing happen to his head in 2016 — or he could have been Cheap Jerseys Mall concussed at the highest grade. We were never going to know either way, and not knowing is what hurts the cause. Gisele Bundchen’s claim that her husband had past concussions might as well have never Cheap Jerseys Kids NFL been said.

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