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It’s going to be a negotiation.

Toward that long-term goal, Fournette has dialed up his work ethic in trying to become a bigger, stronger, faster version of his college self.

“You want to be better than everybody, you want to be the greatest player,” Fournette said. “That means pushing yourself every day, learning as much as you can in training camp every day.”

Fournette is an unrelenting power runner, but he also loves using his size and physicality in pass blocking. It has been easy for him to see how he needs to keep improving in that area, given how he faced 6-8 defensive end Calais Campbell in practice.

Even he recognized that: Speaking to reporters later, according to Newsday, Goodell said, “Any change in the (overall game) structure, we said that we would collectively bargain (with the players union).”

That might happen when the current agreement expires in four years, or before then if both sides work it out, Goodell acknowledged. But there’s no reason to believe it won’t come at a price.

It’s going to involve leverage. Two meaningless exhibition games from which the league and its teams keep collecting revenue aren’t going to just disappear because, as Goodell Cheap Zetterberg Jerseys said, that’s the first thing fans mention that they’d like fixed.

And definitely not just because the players want them gone. As of Tuesday Cheap Youth NHL Jerseys morning — the day before the first full slate of 2017 preseason games begin with Panthers-Texans, Falcons-Dolphins and Vikings-Bills — the league is not yet in the mood to just give anything to the players. Not if it would be considered a loss on the NFL’s part.

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