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A member of the Cubs ground crew went on a tarp riding adventure

The Cubs and Diamondbacks went through multiple rain delays on Thursday, which — spoiler alert — turned out to be a lot of fun for each team’s bullpen.

But for one member of Chicago’s grounds crew, the rain delay was enjoyable for a completely different reason. Well, enjoyable if they like taking a ride on a magic tarp-et.

It happened so fast. One day — specifically, yesterday — you were not old yet. But then, a 20-year-old prospect born in 1997 came to the majors and hit a home run even though hitting home runs isn’t even a thing they’re supposed to do with their big-league career. And he did it on the same night that the aforementioned Devers — who is still 20 even if he was born so long ago in 1996 — blasted career dinger number three in his eighth MLB game.

Please excuse me. I’m going to go listen to Time, a song written by a band for old people like all of us. Or maybe something that came out after I was born so I don’t feel quite as aged, like the album Persistence of Time, which is… seven years older than Ozzie Albies? Oh come on.

In Ichiro’s case, the Mariners paid the Blue Wave $13.25 million to negotiate with him, beating out two other teams for the posting bid. They subsequently signed the then-27-year-old outfielder Cheap Liverpool Jerseys to a three year, $14 million contract. When the Mariners acquired him, he had the Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys potential to be the first Japanese position player to play in the major leagues. In his first year in the majors he was named both AL Rookie of the Year and MVP, and played in the first of his ten All Star games. He was unique, supremely talented, and his presence in Seattle irrevocably altered the Mariners franchise for the better.

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