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Henry Anderson gaining back the weight the Colts made him lose

The Colts wanted Henry Anderson to get from 295 pounds to 270 to play in their new defensive scheme. So he Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys did. Then they traded him.

Now the Jets want him back at 295 pounds, and as fun as it sounds to be asked to gain weight, it’s not quite that easy.

That was the sh—y part, Anderson told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. But it’s part of the business, I guess. . . . I just try to do what I’m told to do and not complain.

Before Matt Nagy became the new head coach Cheap Bruins Jerseys of the Chicago Bears, he worked under Andy Reid in Kansas City. Before joining the Chiefs, Nagy worked under Reid in Philadelphia. By now, after spending a decade on Reid’s coaching staff before branching out on his own this offseason, Nagy appears to be all too aware of the clock-management issues that haunted those Chiefs and Eagles teams, and seems to be dedicated to preventing those issues from following him to Chicago. Case in point: how Nagy’s coaching staff responded to J.R. Smith’s blunder during Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors.

In the final seconds of regulation, Smith passed up a potential game-winning shot in the paint to dribble out the clock, seemingly thinking that the Cavaliers were winning when the score was, in fact, tied. The Warriors would go on to win in overtime. According to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky ( a Cavaliers fan ), the Bears watched Smith’s gaffe as a team and it was a used as a teaching moment for clock management.

Making it worse, he was backed up by Broncos safety Su’a Cravens.

If I were to put on my culinary expert hat — one I’m unqualified to wear, but I’m gonna put on anyway — I’d say that tacos are meant to have a sharp, spicy taste and ketchup dulls and overpowers that. Maybe a spicy or more vinegar-y ketchup wouldn’t be so objectionable, but that’s just plain old Heinz that Richardson is using.

Being snooty and elitist about Mexican food is a Southern California birthright. And that’s the part that hurts me — a Garden Grove, Calif. native — the most. Richardson and Cravens are both from Los Angeles, but are eating tacos with the culinary nuance of Lunchables ham sandwiches.

Eat whatever weird concoction you want, I guess. But don’t start giving others the wrong idea.

Nooo, ketchup on tacos is not a California thing! It shouldn’t be a thing anywhere, but especially not in California! Stop the madness!

Please, Paul. Explore the taco scene in D.C. They’re not going to have ketchup on them and that’s for the best.

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