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Rougned Odor punches Jose Bautista in face to start brawl

Chavez and Blue Jays coach DeMarlo Hale were then ejected after an earlier warning for both teams when Bautista was hit by Bush. Hale was serving as acting manager after John Gibbons was ejected in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes.

Crew chief Dale Scott told a pool reporter that Gibbons’ return to the field during the brawl “will be in the report and Major League Baseball will take care of it.”

“I didn’t want to sit here and drink too much wine,” Gibbons said. “You got to go out there. I’m sure the league will say something about that, but it’s kind of the manager’s responsibility.”

Toronto first base coach Tim Leiper was also ejected in the third inning in a separate dispute before Gibbons was tossed.

Bautista called it “cowardly” that the Rangers waited until Bautista’s final at-bat of the series to seek retaliation for last year’s flip, and Gibbons agreed.

“It was ugly and unfortunate,” Gibbons said. “To me, it was gutless. The other 29 teams, they come at you right away, but to wait until the end, it just sort of tells you something. Everybody is going to say, ‘Oh, it was a one-run game. The ball got away.’ That ain’t going to fly.”

After playing each other seven times early in the season, the Rangers and Blue Jays do not meet again in the regular season.

A few facts, figures and observations about the Broncos’ choice:

As for the Carolina Panthers, they’ll be wearing their black jerseys. It’s possible that they could also wear their black pants (teams aren’t required to declare their pant choice in advance), which would create the first all-black versus all-white matchup in Super Bowl history.

The Panthers have appeared in only one previous title game, Super Bowl XXXVIII, where they wore white and lost.

“We re-sodded and did quite a bit of stuff,” Fox said. “Our guys are working very hard to make it better. I think it was pretty worn down. It was a pretty brutal winter the year before, so we had some catch-up to do. Obviously the warm weather, when it does hit, is helpful.”

A feud simmering since Jose Bautista’s bat flip in last year’s AL Division Series boiled over into a brawl in the final game of the season between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers.

Between now and this fall, Bosh and the Heat are going to have to reach a decision about what to do about his future. And there may end up being a complex and gut-wrenching disconnect between heart and mind.

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