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Sometimes its not even close for these awards and Kurt really won this one by KO folks. Despite the lamestream medias rush to judge Paschke as some sort of violent thug just because he murdered a kid a few years ago, Paschke is a champion for TRUE equality. The way Americas going these days everyones going to get a sexchange anyways then who knows which body parts are slamming into which anymore. The only thing Paschke has to worry about is may be like most Jets fans who wont win a championship for 50 years hes a little ahead of his time is all.

Lets all remember that while its always fun and a great time to just let off a little bit of steam and assault a fan of the opponent,, but its always safer to do it while wearing your alternate jersey-style stormtrooper mask. Plus that way your almost as much of a attraction as the game itself and thats what its all about as a fan. And maybe if you hit a woman on national Internet pick a less conspicuous vehicle to ecscape in then the Jets Mobile, but now Im just nitpicking.

Percy Harvin began running earlier this month and the Seattle wide receiver is ready to take the next step in his recovery. Still on the physically unable to perform list, Harvin is expected to return to practice on Tuesday. Depending on how he progresses through the week, Harvin could be activated in time for Monday’s game against St. Louis.

This isn’t just for a punter, it’s for every punter who’s been called non-athletic, laughed at or otherwise written off as “not a real player”.

Pat McAfee should start talking in the third Cheap Jerseys USA Soccer person following this hit on Trindon Holliday, that’s how impressive it was. Sure, let’s ignore the fact he should have been flagged for leading with his head (which would have been hilarious) but there’s no doubt McAfee did something every punter left in the dust wish they could have.

Pat, what is best in life?

To crush Trinton Holliday, see him driven out of bounds, and Cheap Jerseys USing Paypal to hear the lament of the Broncos.

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