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In the third quarter, the Texans got the ball back on a fumble by Charles. Garrett Graham took a pass from Keenum down to the 1-yard line, but Kansas City Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys made a big goal-line stand and the Texans were forced to settle for a field goal.

The Chiefs entered the fourth quarter with a 17-16 lead and a Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike chance to pad that lead, but Houston denied them with a huge goal-line stand. The Texans defense made another big play thanks to an interception by Shiloh Keo with 5:47 left, but the offense only managed a three-and-out. Houston got one last chance with less than two minutes left, but Keenum made his most fatal mistake of the game. A sack and fumble gave the ball back to the Chiefs, clinching the victory.

Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning was the story all week, but most importantly was how the young quarterback didn’t let the spectacle overshadow his on-field play. Luck was composed in the pocket, made his reads and did exactly what the Colts needed to ensure a home victory. Luck spread the ball around without making any one player a focal point, which would have been easy to do when he was under pressure to prove he was up to match the legend he replaced.

Manning was great as always, but he was let down by his supporting cast. Penalties extended drives and put the Broncos in a difficult position. The offense and defense helped contribute to over 100 penalty yards in Denver’s first loss of the season, which was too much to overcome with three turnovers. It’s shortsighted to see these as major issues, especially with how well the Broncos have played in 2013 — it was just an undisciplined game at the worst possible time.

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