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Cowboys pick Taco Charlton’s amazing name, explained as best it can be

At Michigan, Taco Charlton helped anchor a fearsome defensive line with his 6’6 frame and particular pass-rushing prowess. With that size alone, he’s a tantalizing NFL prospect. Now he’s a member of the Dallas Cowboys, a first-round pick on Thursday.

He’s got to fill his frame out after weighing in at the combine at 277 pounds, and the biggest question with him is one that plagues a lot of college linemen: can he be consistent?

Our Detroit Lions blog, Pride of Detroit, selected Charlton to stay close to home in our SB Nation team blogs mock draft and gave this breakdown of his skills:

The Darrelle Revis days are over for the Jets, and that means there’s more value at safety. Without Revis Island, the team needs a pair of safeties and made that the team’s emphasis in the draft.

There have been rumors that Calvin Pryor has been available via trade, and that seems even more likely after the team added a second safety to the mix, with run stopping prowess to boot.

That leaves him with plenty to prove now that he’ll be spending his Sundays in New York. Gronkowski wasn’t even the first player at his position to be selected in his draft class. Jermaine Gresham, a first-round pick by the Cincinnati Bengals, was the first tight end selected in 2010, making the Patriots’ selection of Gronk look that much better.

Despite a strong push from a few second-round quarterbacks, Gronkowski is unquestionably the best active second-round selection in the NFL, thanks to his monster touchdown numbers and revolutionizing NFL Jerseys Nike of the tight end position. It’s telling that virtually every other team in Soccer Cheap Jerseys the league has tried (and, for the most part, failed) to find its own version of Gronk.

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