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Tristan Thompson is a good player

Indiana’s secret weapon is Turner. He’s a ceiling-less big man who is Indiana’s future as much as George is at this point, and while he’s still very young and inconsistent, he could absolutely dominate Cleveland for a series. With Andrew Bogut immediately falling to injury and Larry Sanders not really working out, the Cavaliers’ clear weakness is the center position.

Tristan Thompson is a good player, but he’s a little bit undersized Quality Cheap Jerseys and had some bad stretches this year. Indiana needs Turner to cook him for the whole series — especially on the offensive glass, since the Cavaliers will definitely score more efficiently — if they want to have a chance.

On average, it has taken fewer than nine games for the Browns to get desperate and throw their latest young passer into the starting lineup. The results haven’t been pretty. Those nine quarterbacks have a combined 50-131 record behind center. Tim Couch is the only one to have double-digit wins as a starter.

Though 2017 may be different, injuries and general mismanagement has meant the presence of other young prospects on the roster hasn’t stopped Cleveland from inserting rookie QBs into the lineup in years past. Spergon Wynn and his 40 percent completion rate was forced to step in for a battered Couch in 2000. 29-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden snuffed out Colt McCoy’s tenure with the team just three years after McCoy had been drafted. Two years later, Johnny Manziel did the same to Weeden.

Sorry, but I cannot give the Capitals, or the NHL, any benefit. And I doubt very much there wasn’t an intent to injure Crosby when this series shifted to Pittsburgh.
We must pay credit to Mr. Rossi here. After all, clearly such a valiant, morally-upstanding defender of what is right and just in hockey would have no truck with defending a player like that on any team.

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