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Colts, Saints reportedly talked Sean Payton trade

Sean Payton will stay in New Orleans for the foreseeable future.

The Colts have been in negotiations with the Saints to trade for the Super Bowl-winning coach, but talks fell through last week, CBS Sports reported Sunday.

The talks ceased because the sides were unable to agree on draft-pick compensations, the report said.

Brown drew criticism for live streaming coach Mike Tomlin’s expletive-laced speech from the locker room after beating the Kansas City Chiefs. He later apologized for creating a distraction ahead of the team’s AFC championship game against the New England Patriots.

Tomlin, who was heard in the video referring to the Patriots as those aa€”holes, also apologized and called Brown foolish and selfish before clarifying that the star wideout would be punished by the team.

Brown’s deal with the corporation certainly raises questions as a clear infraction of the NFL’s rules and the league could fine him if it finds him to be in violation of the social media policy, which prohibits players from posting to social media until after media interviews are conducted.

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