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There are no Tours for anyone to get a shot on unless sponsors back the events

When the announcement came that Steph got a spot in the field, the usual uproar about undeserving sponsor’s exemptions exploded. This Cheap NFL Jerseys China occurs every year, multiple times per year, on every Tour. It happens when John Daly, who has no chance of winning on the PGA Tour, gets a sponsor’s exemption. It happens when Mike Weir gets a sponsor’s exemption. It happens when some local player with local following and little change of making a cut gets an exemption.

While many pros and golf media praised the inclusion of Steph, there were haters and losers upset that he was taking a spot from a pro, probably better at golf, who was grinding to make a living in the game. The Web.com Tour may not be the highest Tour in golf, but it’s pretty close, and a spot in one of its events is a valuable commodity that could, theoretically, go a long way to jump-starting or resurrecting a career.

But sponsor dollars are a major part of what makes the Tour — and all golf tours — run. There are no Tours for anyone NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys to get a shot on unless sponsors back the events, and so they justifiably get a few spots to invite players they want and think will heighten the interest in their event. So while it may be divisive at times, it’s a necessary and sensible practice. The use of this exemption for Steph came off as well as any I can remember because of …

When the Spurs sent George Hill to the Pacers for the 15th pick in 2011, most people were confused. Hill was a solid combo guard who gave Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili relief at either back court spot. Why move him for an unproven rookie who, at the time, wasn’t perceived as much more than a perimeter defender?

Today, Kawhi Leonard has an NBA championship and Finals MVP under his belt and has become arguably one of the five best players in the league. He can legitimately defend four of five traditional basketball positions and has developed into an all-world scorer.

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