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Nobody gets your hopes up before dashing them against the rocks like the Chargers.

This Saints’ offense has missed consistent defensive support for quite some time. This season has brought new faces to the defensive side of the ball, and second- and third-year players will take on larger responsibilities. Couple that with two new coaches — defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen and linebackers coach Mike Nolan, who should be a better fit with coordinator Dennis Allen — and this is probably the best shape the defense has been in since 2013. They don’t have to be elite, just adequate enough to show up when it counts. Quarterback Drew Brees can take care of the rest.

Two things. For starters, the Saints’ prolific offense is all centered around Brees. So, it goes without saying if he were to miss extensive time the offense and team would take a major hit. The second revolves around the 7-9 state of mediocrity they’ve been in, which is all about how they start the season. In the past three seasons, they’ve had a combined 1-8 record through their first three games. They’ve been able to rally to pull close to or find .500 again, but can’t finish.

The Chargers’ biggest rival historically is the Raiders, but over the last decade that has shifted to the Broncos. That has been in part because the Broncos have simply been the best team in the division, but it’s also just due to the Chargers and Broncos having played more meaningful and memorable games during that period.

I’ll say a breakfast burrito. When all the ingredients are there, it’s so good. But that rarely happens. Multiple ingredients fall out, even though you know it’s gonna happen, and it ruins everything and turns to a big mess.

Nobody gets your hopes up before dashing them against the rocks like the Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys Chargers. They almost always make you believe before they remind Cheap Retro Jerseys NBA you that they were always actually going to find a way to blow it.

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