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Daniel Murphy’s voice sounded noticeably hoarse during his news conference.

Baker said Strasburg threw a bullpen session Tuesday, which would typically line him up to pitch Thursday for a potential Game 5. But a Nationals spokesperson later Tuesday said Baker misspoke and that Strasburg’s bullpen session actually took place Monday, and that the primary reason the former top pick wouldn’t start Wednesday was because he isn’t feeling well.

“Didn’t work out for Stras for his bullpen day, and we’re all creatures of habit, and plus, we’ve got full confidence in Tanner,” Baker said. “And Stras, it would have been better, because he’s feeling under the weather, like a lot of my team is. So this day actually comes as a plus for our team.”

Earlier Tuesday, When asked how he was feeling, Murphy attributed his gruff tone to Washington’s dramatic come-from-behind win Saturday, which featured eighth-inning home runs from Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman.

“I’m proud to call Las Vegas home,” he said. “I met my wife here. My kids were born here. I know how special this city is.”

Nothing ever feels permanent in Las Vegas. The first major sporting events that took place in Las Vegas after the shooting were a UFC pay-per-view on Saturday and an NBA preseason game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings on Sunday. After those events were over, the fighters and the players, much like the tourists that pack the city’s 120,000 hotel rooms, boarded flights back home and went back to their normal lives.

There was something different about Tuesday night. This was a local crowd cheering for its first local professional sports team. The Golden Knights became a part of the fabric of Las Vegas on Tuesday. They weren’t heading to their hotel afterward and to the airport in the Cheap NFL Jerseys USA morning. They were heading home to their families and back to their new practice Cheap Basketball Jerseys facility in Summerlin, about 20 miles northwest of The Strip, in the morning.

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