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he didn’t challenge this Tavarres King catch down the sideline against the Chiefs.

The Jimmy Garoppolo era has officially started in Santa Clara. The San Francisco 49ers will give Garoppolo the starting nod for the first time against the Chicago Bears in Week 13, the team announced Tuesday. San Francisco shipped a 2018 second-round pick to the New England Patriots for Garoppolo before this year’s trade deadline.

What happened Sunday? After quarterback C.J. Beathard went down with a left knee injury late in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks, Garoppolo made his debut for the 49ers.

With a little more than a minute left in the game, Garoppolo showed fans a glimpse of his talent. The Seahawks held a commanding 24-6 lead, but San Fransisco was in the red zone threatening to score.

Bears coach John Fox decided not to challenge it, and it ended up really not mattering since the Lions would be forced to punt four plays later. But that one didn’t seem all that close, and the Bears Bing Cheap Jerseys lost field position as a result.

Ben McAdoo didn’t challenge this “incompletion”
In Giants coach Ben McAdoo’s second most questionable call of the day, he Cheap Authentic Jerseys didn’t challenge this Tavarres King catch down the sideline against the Chiefs.

It’s hard to tell whether or not King actually got his left foot in, but that’s one of those where it could be worth another look.

Luckily for the Giants, the Chiefs have been a disaster today in a 6-6 game. But it’s not the only questionable move McAdoo has had this afternoon.

Arians told ESPN.com’s Josh Weinfuss that he would be “extremely comfortable” if Gabbert started against the Texans. In fact, Arians raved about Gabbert’s confidence.

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