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Leftwich struggled with injuries in his four seasons with the Jaguars before he was released in 2007.

I know I say this every week, but this week we have the BEST blocks for Disrespectful Blocks of the Week! We cover base blocks, blocks on the move, and a wide receiver crushing a safety!

After bouncing around the league as a backup, he entered the coaching ranks as a Cardinals intern in Vip Cheap Jerseys 2016 and quickly rose to become the team’s quarterbacks coach earlier this year. Sunday will be his first time coaching against the Jaguars.

Gabbert was in his third season in Jacksonville when he was replaced in the starting lineup by Chad Henne in 2013. He was traded to the San Francisco 49ers the next offseason — two months before Bortles was drafted — and joined the Cardinals three years later as a free agent.

Despite his rocky tenure with the Jaguars — which included a coach on the team anonymously calling him “Blame” Gabbert — the Cardinals’ quarterback is entering his reunion game with no hard feelings.

Smith backed up Eli Manning at Ole Miss. It’s not like the good people in Oxford were going to let Archie’s kid get benched for him, right? That’s not to say that Smith is a better quarterback than Manning, I’m not Plain Cheap Jerseys going to jump to that wild conclusion. But clearly there’s skill there.

Parker was the starting quarterback for the Clemson Tigers in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, he led them to a 9-5 record, and a 6-7 record in 2010. He was there for the early Dabo Swinney years, so he didn’t quite have the offensive arsenal that guys like Tajh Boyd and Deshaun Watson had.

Just imagine how much better the Broncos would be if they had an OK quarterback. That has to drive Broncos fans wild.

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