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It is difficult to ascertain to what extent a film about a powerful entity is ever influenced by said entity.

“Concussion,” starring Will Smith and set to drop in US theaters on Christmas Day, is the “based on a true story” account of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the first doctor to identify the dangerous effects of head trauma among former NFL players. Controversy surrounding the film is heating up in the press this month after a recent New York Times piece accused Sony Pictures of deleting scenes that would make the NFL look “excessively callous.”

“Zero Dark Thirty,” the spellbinding 2012 depiction of the hunt for (and eventual killing of) Osama bin Laden, is a recent example of a film that ruffled feathers at the highest levels of the federal government and military.

The Packers drafted Martinez to step provide depth at this position.He no longer sought fame; he’d found more of it than he could have imagined.I’m yelling Send the Cheap Soccer Jerseys Xxl field goal team!I think that’s where ‘s at right now.

He started against Georgia Tech on Wednesday after he had been suspended indefinitely for tripping Elon’s Steven on Dec.Maddon said he can use , Zobrist and Contreras as options left field.He wanted to hit a breaking ball, just as a pitcher would throw one.Turning to Neuvy Cheap Texas Rangers Jerseys It be time to give Neuvirth some run.

So football can be left alone.

It’s the other sports that, in a perfect world, would turn their schedules over to men with machetes and let them chop away. Not only do MLB, NBA and NHL schedules drag on, they clearly take a toll: Look at how many injuries pile up simply because there are so many pit stops on the way to the playoffs. And look at the mess that resting NBA stars has created (maybe some of them should have rested more, the way they’re dropping).

We propose these things knowing owners and players like money just as much, enjoy revenue just as much, and would be reluctant to part with the dollars that reduced schedules would mean. But for a few paragraphs, anyway, can’t we at least dare to dream of what could be possible if we revamped — and shortened — schedules?

Ace Hernandez finished with 18 record and 3 31 starts.high school, I had size and I had raw potential, but as a basketball player I was hot garbage.I am still trying to grasp how this could happen!signed with the Bucks on 8 05 …

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