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the Saints held a charity softball game that included super fan Jarrius Robertson, Steve Gleason’s son Rivers, and plenty of NFL players.

The whole thing was awesome and featured some great moments that you can watch here.

This comes days after the Packers had a charity softball game of their own, which unfortunately is being talked about due to Clay Matthews breaking his nose during the event. With that said, it was for a good cause! (Get better soon, Clay!)

The point was to rebuke the protesting athlete’s efforts. The president wanted to unnecessarily gloat and put forth a mandated national thinking after singing to God and having him bless America. He wanted to tout his steady dismissal of the beautiful, black protest that has overtaken this land. Such a flaunt can only be seen as laughable.

What is more important than the manipulation of the day are the events that preceded it. The president and the White House advised and lobbied for owners to use their power to vote against protest. The same actors were willing to bend the law in tax policy to punish athletic objectors. His perch is crating a massive firefight against athletes and owners unwilling to tell him such ventures reek of racism.

Long’s flexibility gave him the opportunity to terrorize quarterbacks from multiple spots on the line, moving inside and out like the beta version of J.J. Watt. His explosion off the snap belied a physical style predicated on beating up anyone in his path. Long could get past offensive guards Cheap China NFL Jerseys and tackles with a quick first step or a swim move, but his preferred technique was to straight-up overpower people.

That’s not to say he wasn’t a cerebral athlete, though.

Howie brought so much versatility, NFL.com senior writer Vic Carucci told NFL Films for a feature naming him the second-greatest player in franchise history. The ability to play multiple positions, the know-how, the smarts. Howie could be coached to do whatever he was needed to do.

That included bursting into the backfield to bust up running play after running play. At Long’s peak, the Raiders never ranked worse than fourth in yardage allowed. Between 1983 and 1985, his team held opposing tailbacks to 3.6 yards per carry — the 2017 equivalent of having to give every carry to a 35-year-old Frank Gore. While Mack is a monster in his own right, Long is the player who had the greater overall impact, and his size, athleticism, and smarts suggest that skill would translate to any era on the gridiron.

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